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Are you struggling with emotional challenges, relationship issues, or navigating your teen's turbulent years? Our experienced therapists at The Oak Grove, Odette Tomlinson Counseling, are here to help. Change comes out of conflict, and healing begins when we feel safe. Together, we will move toward change. We offer various services, including Individual Counseling, Teen/Adolescent Therapy, Play Therapy, and Couples Therapy, tailored to your unique needs.


“There is nothing wrong with you that what is right with you can’t cure.” -Janina Fisher

We're committed to nurturing your mental health journey.

Couples Therapy

Reignite the spark and strengthen your relationship with our comprehensive couples therapy.

Individual Counseling

Embark on a path of personal growth with our individual counseling sessions.

Play Therapy

Help your child express their feelings and cope with emotional challenges through play therapy.

Feeling stuck? We're here to help navigate.

Your healing journey begins at The Oak Grove Odette Tomlinson Counseling

We believe through a nurturing, positive relationship, we can explore the root causes of depression, anxiety, and life dissatisfaction. Through this process, we can reshape the self to feel confident, peaceful, and hopeful.

We focus on understanding how attachment, acute and intergenerational traumas, adverse childhood experiences, and our multi-cultural differences affect relationships with ourselves and others and our overall feeling of safety. It is through understanding how you relate to yourself, to others, to your past, and your future that you will discover a sense of security and grounding.

As a strength-based, trauma-responsive practice, we believe that you are the expert in your life and doing your best. Together, we will identify patterns that have worked and the ones you would like to change. We will develop specific skills that will help you find meaning, peace, and balance in your life.


Meet Our Team of Experts

A group of compassionate and experienced professionals dedicated to your healing journey.

Welcome to The Oak Grove, Odette Tomlinson Counseling. Each of our practitioners brings a unique set of skills and experiences to our counseling services. We use a combination of talk therapy with bodywork, somatic experiences, breathwork, EMDR, and thought field therapy, an energy-based modality, to help us access and understand your deepest beliefs. Your therapist will encourage you to look at the parts of you that are frustrated and feeling stuck but also to listen to and see the parts of you that have reached out and asked for help. By leaning on your strengths, we will find the space to explore and listen to your unheard story. Your story matters, and we want to help you hear it.


“We don't aim to forget our hurts, but rather, by bearing witness to them, we weave them, safely and beautifully, into the tapestry of our life.” -Odette

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Get Custom Treatment

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Start Feeling Amazing

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