Unleashing Potential with Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a powerful tool for emotional healing and growth.

Here at The Oak Grove, Odette Tomlinson Counseling, we believe in the power of play. Play Therapy isn't just fun—it's a crucial part of our therapeutic toolkit. It allows children to express their feelings and experiences in a safe, comfortable environment. It helps them develop important problem-solving skills and learn to communicate better. Our trained therapists guide this process with care, helping children to navigate their emotions and foster a healthier mental state.

Our trained play therapists will work with your child, using proven therapeutic, child-centered techniques to build your child’s confidence, skills, and emotional awareness to overcome emotional and behavioral concerns. As the parent/guardian, you will find support and guidance on healthy ways to support, discipline, and build nurturing relationships with your child.

Discover the Healing Power of Play Therapy

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